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Counter-Strike Case Simulator

This is the Counter-Strike 2 case opening UI recreated in React and Next.js.

Too see a list of the last items unboxed by the entire community, go here.

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And remember: just because you unbox a cool item here doesn't mean you'll get one in-game. Perform your hobby responsibly, or not at all.

Dual Berettas image
Dual BerettasHideout
MAC-10 image
MAC-10Light Box
Nova image
NovaDark Sigil
SSG 08 image
SSG 08Dezastre
Tec-9 image
UMP-45 image
XM1014 image
Glock-18 image
M4A4 image
M4A4Etch Lord
Five-SeveN image
MP7 image
MP7Just Smile
Sawed-Off image
Sawed-OffAnalog Input
M4A1-S image
M4A1-SBlack Lotus
Zeus x27 image
Zeus x27Olympus
USP-S image
AWP image
AWPChrome Cannon
AK-47 image
★ Rare Special Item ★ image
★ Rare Special Item ★

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